Why People Prefer Laptops?

Laptops are portable computers designed for us to use them anywhere we go.  They have all the functionally of a normal desktop computer where you can do anything such as surfing the internet, do some office task, go gaming and many more you wish to like. Today, most people preferred laptop because they are very handy and useful.  There are many advantages you can experience when you use the latest version of computer. So, why use laptop than desktop? 

  1. Like what is mentioned above, laptop is portable than desktop computer. This is the first advantage when it comes to choosing a laptop. You can use the laptop anywhere, everywhere not just at your home but as well as in your computer. In times you need to search something, you can always use your laptop to connect to the internet and do some researching.
  2. You can be more efficient when you are using a laptop. You can use laptop in such a way that you cannot do on desktop computers and can be more productive on our time. For example, student can use laptop on their school break at schools provided that they have WiFi and as well as going to the coffee shop. Office workers can also tackle on their emails while they are going to the office for some important matters.
  3. You can immediately access the information you need. When you carry your laptop, you can always access the information you need anytime and anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. You can find solution no matter go anywhere you and anytime you want it.

These are the things that you can do when you have your own laptop. As of today, people are more into laptop especially on the field of business and study.

How to heal Your Sick Computer?

Truthfully, it is much easier to maintain a computer from any malware than cleaning those who are already infected. But if your computer is already infected, you cannot do something anymore other than saving what was left. Fortunately, there are many websites which you can seek information and help regarding your issue. Your computer maybe your business or the means of your living that is why you will find every means just to save it.  You are very lucky today because in this article, you can read some basic tips in which you can clean an infected computer from viruses, spywares and malwares.

Here are the tips that will help you:

  1. Before you start cleaning make sure you have your files back up. Those files that is not yet infected and very important to you. In the process of cleaning some files maybe deleted because they are already infected. You can put the files or data on a CD or in your USB storage device.
  2. Then, install and run an anti-virus which has already the complete protection from not only for viruses but as well as for spywares, malwares and phishing. You can find many paid yet cheap anti-viruses in the market that can be reliable. All you need is read some reviews from the users of those anti-viruses.
  3. Defrag your computer. Defragmenting your computer keeps your files arrange on your hard disk. Think of your hard disk like a cabinet where through time files may disarrange and should be put back on the place they should be.
  4. If the infection is already severe, reformatting your computer is the last option so malwares will not go back. But before you reformat make sure you have executed the step “a” and after reformatting do step “b”.

Now you can turn back your computer without any infection. All you need to do now is keep iit from malwares.