How to Sign Up Free Aol Account?

One of the best about internet is the fast communication no matter how far the person is. You can reach him or her in real time as long as the two of you are connected. One of the best ever invented tools for communication is the email. Due to many free email services you can find over the internet, people are put into an advantage state where they could have many options. One the opting free email services is the Aol mail. How to create Aol? Why people use Aol? Maybe these are the questions you are asking today. In this article, you can find the answers to your questions by reading up to the last.

How to Create Aol?

  1. On your browser, type the URL of the email service which is You will be navigated on their homepage where you should find and click the “Get Free AOL Mail” button.
  2. You will be navigated then on the registration page where you will fill out your name, birthday, age, and other more basic personal details. Then, you will also be asked about your desired email address and the password of your account.
  3. Read the Terms of Service to understand fully what AOL offers you.
  4. If you agree hit the Submit button. Wait for the message that you have created your own account successfully.

Isn’t it simple to create an Aol email login account? If you are interested to know the good things that Aol gives you, read the benefits below:

  1. Aol even free offers the unlimited online storage of your email. You can store as much important emails you can have.
  2. If you get bored, there is an online card game where you can play with an online opponent.
  3. You can access Aol through Microsoft Outlook.

You can experience more if you create an account.

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