How Sears Company Offers Services to Their Employees?

The Sears Holding Corporations has its own online human resource system to manage the thousands of employees they have. This company is among the largest chains of department stores which is why they created the sears employee website for the employees. All the employees, managers and partners of Sears must create their account on the website. In this way, they can view and manage their employment details on the company. The previous and present employees are the one who can use the system.

How to Login on the Website?

  1. First, you need to navigate to sears employee website at
  2. Next, look for the enrol option and click the link.
  3. Then, type your own user ID and password.
  4. Lastly, do not forget to click login to be redirected inside your account.

What are the services inside the website?

  1. Handbook. You may look at the handbook within the company which you could download in PDF form.
  2. W-2 Form. You can easily fill in this form online. This program is for your retirement or pension plan.
  3. Personal Updates. You may improve your private info online including contact information or address if you ever modified.
  4. Compensation. For those employees who have done well on their work, they can get compensation which can be claimed anytime on the website.
  5. Online Resources and Trainings. If you ever are a new staff while in the company, you can get correct training applications inside the website. The items can be utilize both online and offline.
  6.  Online Assistance. As a part of this company, you can acquire online support in case you have some queries about your reputation inside the company or about the advantages to get.
  7. HR Contacts. You can also find the list of HR personnel with their contact information in case you have some inquiries.

These services are available if you are a sears employee. Have your own account now because you have the right to know what is going on to your career.