How to Sign Up Free Aol Account?

One of the best about internet is the fast communication no matter how far the person is. You can reach him or her in real time as long as the two of you are connected. One of the best ever invented tools for communication is the email. Due to many free email services you can find over the internet, people are put into an advantage state where they could have many options. One the opting free email services is the Aol mail. How to create Aol? Why people use Aol? Maybe these are the questions you are asking today. In this article, you can find the answers to your questions by reading up to the last.

How to Create Aol?

  1. On your browser, type the URL of the email service which is You will be navigated on their homepage where you should find and click the “Get Free AOL Mail” button.
  2. You will be navigated then on the registration page where you will fill out your name, birthday, age, and other more basic personal details. Then, you will also be asked about your desired email address and the password of your account.
  3. Read the Terms of Service to understand fully what AOL offers you.
  4. If you agree hit the Submit button. Wait for the message that you have created your own account successfully.

Isn’t it simple to create an Aol email login account? If you are interested to know the good things that Aol gives you, read the benefits below:

  1. Aol even free offers the unlimited online storage of your email. You can store as much important emails you can have.
  2. If you get bored, there is an online card game where you can play with an online opponent.
  3. You can access Aol through Microsoft Outlook.

You can experience more if you create an account.

Branded Versus Non-branded Email Address

Business email account is very essential now in a big company. It is their easy of communication to their clients and employees on different departments. In just one click you can distribute important information to all people in the company. That is how email address makes communication fast and reliable. There are two various types of email address that a company can use. One is what they called non-branded email ID. This is mostly what people use at this moment. Examples are the Gmail and Yahoo. But this type is not recommended to use on business because they are more of a personal type email address. You can click here for more information about non-branded emails.

The next one is called branded email address. This type uses the domain name or the name of the company on the email address such as This is recommended because it gives the company a more branded look.

Why Use a Branded Business Email Address?

  1. It can advertise your company to people once they receive an email from you.
  2. It has a better feature than the free email services such as best virus protection and organization tools that are very helpful to the business.
  3. It gives professional look to the company.

That is why many recommend the branded one than other type. According to them, some of the non-branded type of emails is only good for personal usage because it lacks the tools that are helpful in organizing the emails. Another is that it also lacks protection to viruses.  But there is a not so good about this type. Once you have setup the account, you cannot change anymore what you have done. So, you must think carefully about what email ID you want before the creation.  Blog post like this is very helpful to people when it comes to deciding about their emails. Sign up for gmail page now of you want to have your own email account.


What to Do and Not to Do When Emailing?

In order to send and receive emails, you have to have your own email account. All you need is to go to Google email sign up page.  There you can create your own email and you can start communicating to people who you want to reach. But sending and receiving emails requires some proper etiquette so misunderstanding will be avoided. You do not want your recipient to think that you are sending them a spam message right? That is why here in this article you can read some what to do and not to do when sending and receiving a mail.

When Sending An Email:

  1. Never use CAPS. In internet, it is equivalent to shouting. You do not want them to think you as being a newbie or unprofessional in this kind of tone. Maybe they think that you are angry with them and the receiver might not take it well on you.
  2. Put on the “Subject” field what your email is all about. Recipient will distinguish your email as important or not through the subject. So, make sure you put the precise subject about your email so they will be interested in reading them.
  3. Be brief about your message. To be easily understood, make your message short. If you really have a long message divides it into paragraphs so that the one reading will not get bored.

When Receiving An Email:

  1. After reading a message, you can file them into folders so next time you need it you know where to find it. All you need is to go to that folder then make a small search.
  2. As much as possible do not print out your email. It might contain an important message that when lost somebody may find and read the message.
  3. Never forward a message or email without the consent of the sender.

After reading these tips you are now ready to have your own account. Just go and read this blog.